Károlyi Tímea Certified Translator Quick, cost-effective and quality language and text solutions


Why to charge a certified translator?

  • because her high-level English knowledge provides the best solution for you

  • because she has both language and professional competences

  • because it is not the same to pay for Hungarian or 'Hunglish' translations

  • because her CAT (Computer Assisted/Aided Translation) knowledge helps boost up efficiency and quality through database and terminology management, thus time spent on translation will decrease

  • because this way you can be completely sure your partner receives the most appropriate document

    Cost-effective, Quick, Quality translation

    In the case we would like to summarize the main characteristics and criteria of a translation, we will set out easily that it must be QUICK, HIGH-QUALITY and COST-EFFECTIVE. Quick and quality translations are very costly to provide, however, quality and cost-effective translations will never be done quickly enough. The solution is CAT. What is CAT?


    About Computer Assisted/Aided Translation (CAT) in brief

    Nowadays the role of CAT keeps on increasing in the market of translation services. CAT, actually, means those tools, mainly softwares, which help translators work with terminology databases and translation memories. Translation memory stores the segments of the source text(s) previously translated and also their target equivalent(s) in a database and retrieves them during the translation of a new text. Actually, it is about approaching text processing of both the source and target text. It leads to the former triple criteria: the target document and the translator's work, respectively, will be a quick, cost-effective and quality work. Read more

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