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Translator shall maintain confidentiality regarding all matters that may come to her knowledge on the course of assignment, unless such information is generally available to the public. At the request of the Client Translator shall engross a declaration of confidentiality in writing.

In accordance with the regulations of confidentiality set out in the 'GTC', the source documents shall be treated by the Translator as confidential and shall not be released to any third parties. The Translator shall keep the source documents until the Client replies to the quotation, but no longer than 5 working days, then the files shall be deleted.


General Contracting Terms and Conditions

  • Assignment may be made after the approval of the Translator's quotation and the conditions of the GTC, see below.

  • Source material may be transferred to the Translator on CD, via e-mail, fax, on pendrive or shall be given to the Translator personally on paper in print.

  • The Translator considers the Assignment relevant when the conditions of the present GTC is approved by the Client.

  • Client shall to the extent possible provide the Translator all such additional material, as may be necessary for performing the assignment. Client shall also provide all such information, as may be of importance to the completion of the translation work, including specification of the delivery format and information concerning particular security requirements in terms of storage of the source document and translation, abbreviations, special terminology database, etc.

  • The term of services -- translation deadline shall not contain the length of time within the Translator is obstructed by incorrectness of data or illegibility of the text provided by the Client.

  • Any errors, incorrectnesses or omissions discovered in the translation shall be reported to the Translator immediately upon discovery and not later than five working days.

  • Assignment which has been concluded by and between the Client and Translator enters into force for definite term during the performance of the assignment. Cooperation Agreement may be terminated or amended by common accord of the Parties.

  • Parties shall be obliged to establish a good partner relationship while strong collaboration with each other. Parties shall inform each other about any matters which may obstruct the performance of the Cooperation Agreement.

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